Events: Subflex (Imrov Ensemble)

Subflex‘s last installment of 2011 just may be its most eclectic, and that’s saying a lot considering the event encourages experiments in musical improvisations.  A tabla, xylophone, some MPCs and self-made instruments will be around this time and B-Side will once again play host to this melting pot of brewing music madness.  Make sure to keep December 7th (Wednesday) free if you want to be part of this event that will surely leave you mindblown.

For more info on the artists performing, you can read about them here.


Xylophone Voodoo: Caliph8

In the first part of this series, Caliph8 creates a sound both haunting and original by combining elements of Japanese and Arabic music.  All on his MPC.  You can call it anything you want; we just thought “Xylophone Voodoo” would be the best way to describe it.