Bumrush Optics: All Day with MDK

We know we made you guys wait a while for this but hopefully the video more than makes up for it.  This shoot took place on what initially seemed like another gloomy Sunday, with skies overcast and light rain occasionally drizzling through EDSA on our way to meet up with MDK.  Thankfully, the sun came out and ended any threat to our shoot that morning.  Skate junkies and students littered the place, as well as random tourists who ventured around and took pictures as unobtrusive kalesas circled the streets from time to time.  Little children sat with us as we all watched everything that was going on. We couldn’t have asked to be at a better place.  Loud speakers and good music were the only things missing.

Thankfully, MDK’s own Defcon provided us with the score.  The rugged, Shaolin-style beats sound like a RZA-type production and fit seamlessly with the footage that’s coming your way.

MDK is one of the  few crews in Manila made up of a complete roster of  MC’s, beat makers and graffiti artists. In this Sunday afternoon session amongst ruins and broken down abandoned spaces, we focused on the visual aspect of the crews vision, exploring the colors that fill up their world. We present to you Iron and Meow of the MDK camp.