Getting in a Groove: Bent Lynchpin (Sneak Peek)

Bent Lynchpin was already featured here on New Perspectives a few months back, and they’ll all be on hand tomorrow at Sarten Cafe.  Expect another amazing jam from this group when they get on stage; for now, a preview.


Playing off the Bass: Bent Lynchpin

Recorded over a whirlwind, 2-day session, Fred Sandoval (guitar), Mark Zero (bass), Malek Lopez (Keys) and Caliph8 (MPC) put together material for their upcoming album.  In this video, the quartet’s sound is driven by Mark Zero, which culminates in an otherworldly break by Caliph8 at about the 3:30 mark.  Malek and Fred perfectly compliment the group to produce a sound wholly unique unto themselves.

Rubber Inc.: Malek

A quick glance inside Sweet Spot Studios and you see all the thing you’d expect to find: guitars, keyboards (lots of them!) mixers, computers and any other instrument a studio should have.  In this video, Malek runs down some of his current gear obsessions.  A preview of some new material him and Noel de Brackinghe (collectively known as Rubber Inc.) is also included, and was a product of a recent out-of-town excursion that saw them finish enough material for a new album.  Press play to listen in.

We Care Because You Do: Moon Fear Moon

“You can understand my music in all sorts of dimensions and angles and languages, since I don’t have vocals on my tracks.  The possibilities of what emotions may arise while listening to my music are endless, and it is really up to the listener to make it what he or she wants it to be.  I like to give space for imagination, I’d rather open you up with my music to whatever you want to open yourself up to than to tell you what to feel or think.  I could never agree with that aspect of music … putting boundaries on a listener.”

-excerpt from “Interview with Moon Fear Moon”, 2003

During the same interview session we had with Malek, he mentioned one name we hadn’t heard in some time: Moon Fear Moon.  Another pioneer in the world of IDM and Electronica here, Moon Fear Moon (aka John Sobrepena) was an integral piece in the burgeoning scene during the late 1990s and early 2000s.  Above is an interview conducted by Vinci Roxas back in 2003, as MFM tells us more about his interests, influences, and memorable gigs.  We’d love to get a word with you again John, anytime you’re free.

My Cloud Won’t Drift on Sunday

Linau Mata

(For more of Moon Fear Moon’s music, check out his Sound Cloud page.  We’ve decided to include this Aphex Twin track because it just seems to make sense.)

Logical Progressions: Malek

In this video, Malek Lopez opens up on what he thinks is missing in the local electronic music scene: the need to advance our art to the rest of the world.  This is the next step, a kind of logical progression in keeping up with the digitized world that is gradually becoming smaller and more accessible.   The piece Malek shares with us here is something that he played in Indonesia recently.  The track on its own is, by all merits, fantastic.  But the added layer of piano into the composition (coming at the 3 minute mark), while subtle and unassuming, completes this musical puzzle.  As Malek said so himself, electronic music delivers its message through beats and instruments, and rarely words.

Message received.


Events: Subflex (Imrov Ensemble)

Subflex‘s last installment of 2011 just may be its most eclectic, and that’s saying a lot considering the event encourages experiments in musical improvisations.  A tabla, xylophone, some MPCs and self-made instruments will be around this time and B-Side will once again play host to this melting pot of brewing music madness.  Make sure to keep December 7th (Wednesday) free if you want to be part of this event that will surely leave you mindblown.

For more info on the artists performing, you can read about them here.