Downtempo Dojo: Young Won (Sneak Peek)

For those who saw the Watchtower Sessions a few weeks ago, Young Won should be a familiar name.  If not, then tune in to his set this coming June 2 for at Sarten Cafe in Sumulong, Antipolo for Spoken Herb.  For now, a preview.

(Let us know what you guys think of the lineup so far.  Anyone we’re missing out on? Message us here or here. )



We’re about raw cuts and essential headnod shit.  Below is the link to some very wicked production from MC/Producer MIC of the AMPON camp, who Skarm also mentioned in his interview was his prime influence in music production. Because we explore our local artist’s roots, we present to you two instrumental tracks taken from AMPON’s fist album entitled DEKODING RHYTHM crafted by the M-I-C himeslf. Before the group’s second album SLANTED PLANETS release nerve gasses in the underground, let’s take it back to 2006 and listen to some serious sinister intro and outro music. Check out MIC’s music at  Enjoy!!


Subflex @ B-Side, November 2: Sights and Sounds

Another lethal dose of Hip-Hop music last Wednesday night at B-Side as this Subflex event showcased the some of the country’s most progressive personalities and ensembles.  The night featured performances by Miscellaneous, Skarm (with Lloyd from the Pharm), Protege, MDK, members of the Fliptop Battle League and the rest of the Ampon crew as well as sets from Caliph8 and Pasta Groove, among others.  Here are a few photos to give you an idea of how the night went:

For more photos from this wonderful night of tight beats and improvisations, you can check out our Facebook page.  As an added bonus, we’re also sharing with you audio snippets from some of the artists that performed that night.  Just click on the link at the bottom of the page.  We hope to see you at the next SubFlex event, happening next month at the same venue!