Interstellar Improvisations: Outerspaceways Inc. (Sneak Peek)

A hypnotic jam from Outerspaceways Inc, a live free-form experimental group playing a variety of genres from space jazz to heavy funk. all members took part in the last Spoken Herb event, and are ready to brew something new for tomorrow. Take a closer look on this group by clicking the video below!


Still Sounds: Auspicious Family (Sneak Peek)

Auspicious Family is a sample-based, cross synesthetic experiment featuring low-fi soundscapes with music, and a live, animated collage.  They’ll be bringing their laptops to Sarten Cafe for Spoken Herb, coming next Saturday!  Here’s a short preview of their collaborative efforts.

Native Harmonica: Danny Sillada (Sneak Peek)

A quick glance at Danny Sillada‘s Wikipedia page and you see just how talented and creative he really is.  Seeing him taking pictures with fellow artists and joking around during his performance, however, is truly a sight to see.  Mr. Sillada is embodies the spirit of not only a true musician, but also an exceptional human being.


Downtempo Dojo: Young Won (Sneak Peek)

For those who saw the Watchtower Sessions a few weeks ago, Young Won should be a familiar name.  If not, then tune in to his set this coming June 2 for at Sarten Cafe in Sumulong, Antipolo for Spoken Herb.  For now, a preview.

(Let us know what you guys think of the lineup so far.  Anyone we’re missing out on? Message us here or here. )


The Countdown Begins: Similar Objects

Young beat maker Similar Objects visited Co.Lab recently to take part in a small gathering for artists participating in the upcoming Spoken Herb event, showing those in attendance what he’s capable of on the 404s.  A sneak peek into his talents and what you can expect from him on June 2.


Coming Soon: Bent Lynchpin

Caliph8, Mark Zero, Malek Lopez, Fred Sandoval form the quartet of Bent Lynchpin. Find out the full story and video about this super group soon!


Coming Soon: Nyko Maca

A preview of Nyko Maca‘s performance for New Perspectives.  Coming next week!