Awaiting Urban Wilderness: The Pharmer’s Guide to Higher Ground drops SEPT 24, 2012!


What’s up people, day-dreamers, time-killers, idle earthworms, backpack bastards and subterranean hip-hop junkies from all over the world. Long time no post from us but only new ideas were born in that brief break and we’re back with something fresh for 2012. Something we’ve been monitoring heating up under the suburban cracks. ‘The Pharmer’s Guide to Higher Ground’ drops 110 hours from now, Sept 24, Monday. Beat habitats and pavement conversations headed your way. Below is an announcement from ‘The Pharm’ and a teaser available for download. Stay tuned with us at New Perspectives! New Material straight from the underground coming soon to headphones near you!!  The Pharm are MC’s Skarm, Liquid, Flexx and LLoyd. Wicked album art by Sloj. Peace!


Forces We Deliver


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