Rainbows: Nyko Maca

From everyone I spoke to about Nyko Maca, they all pretty much said one thing: she is an exceptional live performer.  So when we were asked to shoot her new song “Rainbows” in the comfortable confines of her pad, we were curious to see how Nyko’s performance would turn out.  With the help of Pupil‘s Wendell Garcia, she delivers a personal interpretation under a more intimate setting, away from the crowds that dance and sing along with her at every show.

In Nyko’s words: “The video is the first true recording of the song, even before studio.  And that doing it with that process is groundbreaking where video is the new studio, and we explored a way of songwriting/arrangement through live performance.  It’s exhilarating, in the sense that you have the sessions now in your hands! Never released that song yet so it’s fresh through you guys – even we gained a new perspective through our process.”

(Catch Nyko in the upcoming Brasilipinas event on February 17.  More details to follow.)


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