Books: Various

Jean Robert observed a padlock resembling a face. After this peculiar ‘fascination at first sight’ moment, Jean and his brother, Francois, started shooting anything that resembled faces from key holes to door knobs, locks, bags, telephones, manholes and so much more. I found this book a few years back and it’s been one of my favorite art-photography driven reading materials ever since.

This excellent hardbound features some of the best street art around the world. The cover says it all, ‘5 Continents’! The photographs are just as vivid as the art you’ll find inside. Add this to your collection if you come across it anywhere! This is a legit wicked read through intense visual madness.

Grabbed this one as soon as it became available at Fully Booked. This is a keeper until I die and not even a grave digger could take this away from me. Justin Bua‘s imaginative inner-city illustrations sketches us through his youth growing up in urban New York and tells us his story on the birth of Hip-hop. An amazing book to have in your shelve!

WARNING: Sick drawings inside!


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