Owl Conversations with The Pharm.

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Call this a dim light drip effect in candle wax hip-hop. Pharm dwellers, Liquid and Lloyd inhale smoke from an hour glass and connect pen thoughts using a variety of water like throw backs over moody nocturnal beats.

All tracks produced by Liquid
except for track 6 and 10, produced by sKarm
All tracks mixed by sKarm
Cover Art by Jolo Salvador
Guest emcees on track 3: Six the Northstar, Flexx and Labjaxx of Flowtek
Rhymes by Liquid and LLoyd

Video Feature: Limits of Stability

Following our last feature on The Pharm, is the music video for their track ‘Limits of Stability’. Hope you enjoy this one! Peace!

Emcees: Lloyd and Liquid
Beat: Skarm
Shot and directed by Labjaxx
Edited by Ill Primitivo

Free Album Download: The Pharmers Guide to Higher Ground

Shot by Kevin Cayuca


The Pharmer’s Guide to Higher Ground is a hip-hop project conceptualized by MC’s Liquid, Skarm, Flexx and Lloyd. In this age where visual illustrations and juxtaposed figures of speech maintain a certain vital role in crafting modern underground hip-hop music, the Pharm introduce themselves as such group utilizing these elements. The 14-track album is a sketchpad of lyrical approaches stylized by each member’s own characteristics in spitting out mind-trip bars that reveal their own animated worlds, cryptic messages and bizarre thoughts. Backed up by hazardous headnod beats from 3 of the Pharm’s members (along with production from producers, Ill Primitivo and DJ Fresh-Lee) and surreal album art designed by abstract visual artist Sloj, this album promises a rejuvenating feeling in Philippine underground hip-hop; simply put, it is something fresh and relevant to look forward to. New Perspectives is here to introduce new gutter science for essential underground listeners in 2012. Meet..The Pharm.

Awaiting Urban Wilderness: The Pharmer’s Guide to Higher Ground drops SEPT 24, 2012!


What’s up people, day-dreamers, time-killers, idle earthworms, backpack bastards and subterranean hip-hop junkies from all over the world. Long time no post from us but only new ideas were born in that brief break and we’re back with something fresh for 2012. Something we’ve been monitoring heating up under the suburban cracks. ‘The Pharmer’s Guide to Higher Ground’ drops 110 hours from now, Sept 24, Monday. Beat habitats and pavement conversations headed your way. Below is an announcement from ‘The Pharm’ and a teaser available for download. Stay tuned with us at New Perspectives! New Material straight from the underground coming soon to headphones near you!!  The Pharm are MC’s Skarm, Liquid, Flexx and LLoyd. Wicked album art by Sloj. Peace!



Forces We Deliver

Interstellar Improvisations: Outerspaceways Inc. (Sneak Peek)

A hypnotic jam from Outerspaceways Inc, a live free-form experimental group playing a variety of genres from space jazz to heavy funk. all members took part in the last Spoken Herb event, and are ready to brew something new for tomorrow. Take a closer look on this group by clicking the video below!

Still Sounds: Auspicious Family (Sneak Peek)

Auspicious Family is a sample-based, cross synesthetic experiment featuring low-fi soundscapes with music, and a live, animated collage.  They’ll be bringing their laptops to Sarten Cafe for Spoken Herb, coming next Saturday!  Here’s a short preview of their collaborative efforts.